We are proud of our pricing transparency. Our policies and practices ensure that AHMZtrade FX clients receive some of the best execution.
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Placing Orders

Our trading platform supports market, limit and stop-loss orders. AHMZtrade FX provides clients with access to place orders at any time during trading hours.
A position remains open until the closing trade is executed. AHMZtrade FX updates all client account balances in real time, according to current market prices.
Market Orders: Market orders are executed at the best available price at the time the order is received.
Limit Orders: Limit orders are executed at the requested price, regardless of any gapping. Partial fill is not available.
Stop-Loss Orders: A Stop Order becomes a Market Order when the predefined order rate is reached. A Stop Order is executed at the best available price, depending on available liquidity. A Buy Stop order is filled at the offer price. A Sell Stop order is filled at the Bid Price.

Slippage and Gap

Slippage is the difference between the execution price and the requested price of a pending order or trade caused by gapping in the markets. A gap in the markets relates to the situation where there is a break between the tradable prices and typically occurs under one of two circumstances:

  • During illiquid market conditions when there is a difference between the price a market closes and reopens, either over a weekend or a break in the trading hours.
  • During volatile market conditions when the market ‘jumps’ and moves from one price to another very quickly, usually around the release of an economic indicator.
    We provide our clients with the ultimate trading experience. AHMZtrade FX does not interfere with the execution of client trades. We treat slippage scenarios in the same way as any financial exchange. DAHMZtrade FX executes all orders at the best possible price received from our counterparty.
  • AHMZtrade FX reserves the right to widen spreads or suspend trading when the market conditions warrant such actions, such as when it cannot reasonably obtain sufficient liquidity to maintain the usual fixed spreads.

It is common knowledge among experienced traders that slippage occurs naturally and all markets will be subject to slippage from time to time.
In order to provide the best possible trading experience to clients, AHMZtrade FX does not interfere in the execution of client trades and treats all slippage scenarios in the same way as any financial exchange. As always, the prices you receive and are executed at reflect the best possible prices received by AHMZtrade FX from our counterparty.