The Trading Competition
that You
Shouldn't Miss

Total Competition prize is more than
10,000 USD

Winners in Total

How Does It Work?

To sign up to the Demo competition all you need to do is simply fill out the form (Sign me up!) and you will receive an email with the log in details for the Demo account. Once you log in to your Demo account, you can start competing for one of the 300 prizes. The Demo Competition starts on Monday the 6th of February and ends on Friday the 10th of February. Good Luck!

Trading in demo accounts for training, till the real battle starts
a Real competition will follow the demo competition

300 Winners in total

first place 1,000$
second place 500$
third place 250$
fourth place till 300th place 30$

Let’s see what you can do!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only one account per trader
  2. To enter the demo contest each trader needs to fill out the registration form and complete registration and validate his/her email, while his/her account needs to be validated only when and if he/she wins funds since the funds need to be deposited in a real account
  3. Prize money will be credited in the account of the winner, but can be withdrawn after completing 1 round lot for every 2.5 USD required to withdraw. –
  4. Profits are completely withdraw-able
  5. All countries are allowed to participate.
  6. Leverage will be set 1 to 50 as default
  7. Initial Demo balance is 50,000 USD
  8. All open orders need to be closed before the end of the competition or they will closed automatically
  9. One IP per one account
  10. All strategies and EA advisers are allowed.
  11. “AHMZ TradeFX reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who violates its “Terms and Conditions” and the “Client Agreement””.
  12. Results will be posted on our website and other websites for advertising purposes
  13. Accounts who have the highest equity at the end of the competition win the prizes, in a descending manner. Highest equity to lowest, win first place all the way to 300th winner.